A thrilling book on craft? Yep.
I don't care what you're writing, you need to read this book before you write it. It's one of the best books on craft that I've ever used. The other being "Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular" by Rust Hills -- but that's for knuckleheads like me that read about craft.  "Thrill Me" is a reader's craft book because it's just a goddamn good read. If you never set one word to the page, you'll still enjoy it. 

Thinking about it today because I'm thinking about loaning my copy to a friend who is embarking on a writing project starting today. I can't tell you how anxiety-inducing it is for me to let it out of my sight, but it's better loaning it to my friend than sitting around and gassing on and on about how goddamn good it is until he up and ghosts me.