Through Cracks Storytelling: Also Rising Palms

So right now, Filamena is working on a really cool series of short weird fictions called The Rising Palm Apartment Building As 12 Floors. It's a fascinating experiment in limited perspective narration and strange supernatural tales. It's an anthology where you only get to see in from one specific spot of each apartment, so there are often more questions than answers, and it leaves you wanting more. It's also set in San Jenaro, the fictional city the #iHunt and Reaching Out novels and upcoming game are set in. So, it's tie-in fiction. 

I've read three of them so far, and wow. They're just wonderful. I can't wait to get them out to all of you. However, in the mean time, Filamena's also been writing essays that accompany these pieces, talking about her process for them. They're not like, "this is how you should write" essays. They're "this is how I'm doing this, and some of the tools I'm using and lessons I've learned." So, they're nice little snippets, but very specific in scope. Personally, that's the kind of writing advice I like. I like to have a huge toolbox full of individual tools I can pick and use as I want. 

Anyway, you should check the first essay out. It's linked here. It's in a more visual format, because we're thinking of compiling them with the fiction in a fun little book once they're all done. If you want to read it in plain text, Filamena will be posting this one to her blog in the next couple of days at