Through a Musician's Lens...
The world looks like a place of wonder. You see everything is vibrating, bouncing light off of itself, off of the spaces between things, melting the bits together into our experience.

Music is the only artform that can capture the transient nature of reality, and singing new songs every day is akin to creating new worlds!

Thank you for joining me in this flow, a Journey Through a Musician's Lens. I will not only share the songs I may record in studio, but the ones I sing to myself, to you, to the world around me, and to the world in which you live too. 

Everything is music, as everything is vibration. The lens you view life through will determine how you experience it, and so you are doing well in supporting a view that is coloured by the lens of a musician.

Your support and sharing of this journey we're taking together is everything!