Throw Back Thursday...
Okay so throwing back to these is actually kind of painful(!) Haha! This is my FIRST set of sketchcards which I did for Bristold Comic Expo in 2012. This was only my second convention as an exhibitor and the first cards I had ever done with Copic Markers. I've decided to re-hash the Avengers piece for the upcoming Spider-Man Sketchcard set which should show you guys how I have improved in 5 years. 

For a start, we are only allowed to do a certain amount of cards as a puzzle set, so I am already working in a more cramped space. I am also adding a few more Avengers in for good measure - including Wasp and Scarlet Witch. Also they are comic book style, as opposed to movie - and no guns (SO many rules Disney! Haha). May even re-hash Wolvie while I'm at it considering the new movie is coming out soon and who doesn't love drawing that yellow spandex.

I have already taken Shon's suggestion and drawn a Mysterio (circa crazy fishbowl head). So if you have any more Spider-Man favourites I will let you know if I can add them to the pile. (Quite a few are off the list for Copyright reasons - Fantastic Four and Gambit for example).

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