Throwback Thursdays unlocked!
Wow!  We hit Patreon goal #2 today so that means Throwback Thursdays are now unlocked!  During the week, I'll take a poll on some old artwork that I did that I REALLY should finish.  You tell me which one you want to see done, and thats ALL I will work on that day until its done!  Hopefully this will help me look back at some great peices that just never saw their completion.

I'll have new options every week, some really old stuff, some more recent.  You may see some pieces repeated if they weren't chosen before, but thats okay too!  They'll all get done eventually, right?  :P

As a celebration for reaching this milestone, this first poll is open to the public.  Anyone can vote, even if you don't follow, or pledge!  After this week, anyone with just a $1 pledge can vote every week! 

So!  Without further ado, I give you Throwback Thursday Poll #1!  Which pic would you like to see me finish!  These are some old pieces I've wanted to finish but never seem to have the time to, and are in varying states of completion.

Mermaid Symmetra

Sahara Snakes

Ana Amari

Sailor Tracer

15 votes total