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Throwback Thursday, Black History Month Edition!
Hi Patrons! How's everyone been enjoying their 2016?! Mine's been crazy busy, jam-packed with students galore and a lot of teaching music! I've absolutely loved every second of it, but that being said, I still feel as though I haven't quite "gotten into the swing of things" of the new year quite yet. Because my teaching schedule is so packed, I've barely had any time to work on my art, though I have spent more of my spare time practicing than I did last year! (Also excited to announce upcoming gigs soooooon, more on that later!) Because of this, I wanted to check in with everyone with an old video that I had never before published! This creation is a piece I wrote for calabash, which is an African drum made from squash in Ghana. It is traditionally performed by women in empowerment circles. This group of amazing ladies performing along side me are also CalArts graduates and definitely an empowering group of ladies! Featuring (from left to right) Anjilla Piazza, Rose Fuller, myself, and Erinn Horton, I hope you enjoy this tribute to African heritage!