#ThrowbackThursday: Abandoned Vampire Comic
If you ever wanted to ask, "Hey Jesse did you ever have an embarrassing love of vampires phase?" then boy do I have a post for you.

Back in 2006-2008 I developed a comic about vampires and demons. Vampires were all the rage because of Twilight at the time, so that popularity fueled me to work on it seriously despite hating that series. 

From what I could remember, the protagonist (seen above) was either some sort of miracle birth or something because I remember it being very important that she was only half demon. This allowed her to not be as affected by the negative aspects of being a demon and pass more easily. Her mentor was vaguely chaotic and even more vaguely evil. Their relationship got more strained over time as the main character realized their morals were not the same.  The conclusion of that... Well, I actually don't think I ever figured out the conclusion. That's the bulk of what I remember about the plot. I don't think I'll ever work on it again.

I remember there being more pages, but this is all I have saved. I credit this project as the first comic I ever seriously worked on.