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Thunderbox and Poppies
Peculiar .PDF #7 --- Contents: Little Outhouse (Foamcore Dollar Bank) Red Poppies (Papercraft) In Flanders Field (Classic Poem) --- This .PDF's centerpiece is a charming outhouse for saving up dollars rather than coins. If you're going to throw money down the toilet, let it be this one! Monday May 25 2015 is Memorial Day, so I've brought out the paper poppies. These flowers are traditionally planted on graves. The bright crimson calls to mind the blood shed in defense of a righteous cause. In Flanders Field was written by Dr. John McCrae, a surgeon from Canada who served in the army as a Lieutenant Colonel. It's a great poem. I present it here in a form that you can print out and put up if you like. Poppies are 'annuals': some time after they bloom they die. The pods over-winter, and in the spring, a whole new set of plants arrives having never known the previous generation. They are, thus, also, emblematic of the fragility of the continuity of society: It doesn't really matter if you personally knew the deceased. Take up the torch, and their sacrifices are not in vain.
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