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[1]Spotify Respects Waman

By Mike J.

[a] Music streaming service Spotify has recently purged R. Kelly and XXXTencation from their official playlists due the two rappers allegedly shaky pasts with women. Spotify issued a statement on the issue saying, "When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful, it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator." [/a]

[b] Shaunna Thomas, executive director of the anti-sexism woman's group UltraViolet, congratulated the company stating "Your action demonstrates that Spotify is following the lead of Black women who demanded that these two men, who have sexually and physically abused women for years, not be promoted and celebrated." However Thomas believes that Spotify could still go further, asking the company to remove other known or suspected abusers such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nelly, Eminem, Don Henley, Steven Tyler, and Tekashi69. [/b]

More recently, Spotify has completely removed at least two albums from the death metal group Cannibal Corpse. When asked for a reason on Twitter, a spokesperson remarked it was removed due to their partnership with the German based Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors or BPjM.

[/article] [c - tweet]

[2] Stolen Thunder

By Mike J.

After a failed reboot attempt in 2011, ThunderCats is being tried once again rebranding itself as ThunderCats Roar. In a bold move, the new series is foregoing it's former anime inspired animation style and going with something much closer to modern cartoons such as Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Gravity Falls. Taking another page from these shows, ThunderCats Roar is also coming back as a slice of life comedy which is a vast departure from the series original roots as a rather serious action oriented cartoon.

Fan reaction has been mixed, but seems to be mostly negative at the moment:







Thundercats Roar will be making it's debut on Cartoon Network sometime in 2019.

[3] Who Will Watch HBO's Watchmen?

By Mike J.

Damon Lindelof creator of such shows such as LOST and The Leftovers, is set to create his own version of the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen as a TV show for HBO. In a five page letter released Tuesday, Lindelof detailed his plans for the series. Lindelof explains that his Watchmen will be a continuation and plans to respect the original comic run's continuity stating, [a] "Those original twelve issues are our Old Testament" and "To be clear. Watchemen is canon." Lindelof plans on setting his series 30 years after the original and featuring new characters, "Some of the characters will be unknown...New faces. New masks to cover them."

[b] Lindelof also doesn't seem to shy away from setting his universe in a modern day setting stating that, "It must be contemporary." As the original run of Watchmen commented on the politics of the eighties with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Mikhail Gorbachev, so will this Watchmen, he states "...Ours needs to resonate with the frequency of Trump and May and Putin..."

There's been no word yet on the casting choices or release date for HBO's Watchmen TV series.

[4] Article: “Gender inequality: Stars tell world leaders poverty is sexist”

[a] “Scores of celebrities are calling on world leaders to take urgent action against global gender inequality.”

Stars including Oprah Winfrey, Chadwick Boseman, Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham and Natalie Portman signed an open letter led by an international charity called ONE. The letter demands a commitment from world leaders to create change for women.

[b] It reads:

"Dear World leaders,

We're putting you on notice.

For 130 million girls without an education. For one billion women without access to a bank account. For 39,000 girls who became child brides today. For women everywhere paid less than a man for the same work.

There is nowhere on earth where women have the same opportunities as men, but the gender gap is wider for women living in poverty.

Poverty is sexist. And we won't stand by while the poorest women are overlooked.

You have the power to deliver historic changes for women this year. From the G7 to the G20; from the African Union to your annual budgets; we will push you for commitments and hold you to account for them. And, if you deliver, we will be the first to champion your progress.

We won't stop until there is justice for women and girls everywhere.

Because none of us are equal until all of us are equal."

The letter has also been endorsed by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington.


[5] Article: “Iceland dumps proposed ban on male circumcision”

Iceland’s ban on circumcision has been shelved after fears of religious discrimination.  

[a] The ban was originally proposed by a Progressive Party member, Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir.

She described her bill as an attempt “to protect the interest of the child”. Circumcision of females had already been banned, she reasoned, why not of males? “Every individual, it doesn’t matter what sex or how old… should be able to give informed consent for a procedure that is unnecessary, irreversible and can be harmful,” she declared. “His body, his choice.”

“The penalty for performing or organising a circumcision would have been a sentence of up to six years in prison.”

Though polling showed that 50 percent favored the bill and 37 percent opposed it, lobbyists successfully stoked fears of religious discrimination.

[b] A letter from the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs said:

The impact of this would be felt far beyond Iceland’s borders. This move would make Iceland the first and only European nation to outlaw circumcision. While Jewish and Muslim populations in Iceland may be small, your country’s ban would be exploited by those who stoke xenophobia and antisemitism in countries with more diverse populations.”


[6] Article: “Reuben Foster's ex-girlfriend testifies she lied about domestic abuse”

San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Reuben Foster, faces charges of domestic violence. However, his ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, is trying to take back her allegations.

She testified last week that she had lied about the domestic violence incident to get Foster in trouble. Ennis said, "I wanted him to go down. I was pissed.” [a] Apparently, she was upset with him because he had accused her of cheating and had wanted to break up. [b] Ennis’ injuries-- which included a ruptured ear drum and bruising and cuts on her face, neck, hand and knee —  she now claims are from a fight with another woman the day before in a road-rage incident.

Even though Ennis’ has admitted to trying to get domestic violence charges against another boyfriend after he wanted to break it off in 2011, [c] prosecutors are not convinced, believing she was truthful originally and played 911 calls in which she stated ''my boyfriend's beating me up.''

The judge for this case is expected to decide if the matter moves to a jury trial in July. [d] “The 49ers general manager John Lynch earlier said Foster would "not be part of the team" if he was found guilty of domestic abuse.”


[7] A mother and seven-year-old son “jump to their deaths”

[a] Stephanie Adams, a former Playboy centerfold model, and her seven-year-old son, Vincent, “were found dead Friday morning after jumping out of a window of a 25th floor penthouse suite at a hotel in Manhattan.”

Adams was in a bitter custody battle with her ex, chiropractor Charles Nicolai. Their relationship was so bad that they reportedly conducted custody exchanges at a police precinct. [/a]

[b] “A close friend told the New York Post that she was distraught that her ex wouldn't let her take her son to Europe for the summer, where her boyfriend has homes in Spain and London.” Nicolai successfully petitioned to not let his ex leave the county as it would compromise his visitation rights and Adams was ordered to turn her son’s passport over. This occurred only a couple days before her suicide and her son’s death. [/b]

Adams had dated several famous men before, including Elite modeling founder John Casablancas, Calvin Klein supermodel Ted Stephenson, and Robert De Niro. She was engaged to Nicolai in 2009 and filed for divorce in 2017. According to her friend, Adams had hired a string of lawyers to deal with her divorce and custody battles.

A friend interviewed by the NY Post said: [c]

'This is really stunning. She loved that child,' he said. 'This boy was her whole life, this is terrible.'

He says she loved her son so much that she homeschooled him to spend more time with him.  

'The child — I can't imagine she would do that,' he said. 'She was so close to that child, she wouldn't even let the child go to school. People have these lives you don't even know about. I didn't see suicide.'”


[8] Institute for Family Studies: America’s Baby Bust

[a - graph] Total fertility is nearing its historic low. This graph represents fertility rates from 1935 to 2016. [/a]

[b - graph] While you’d expect that the number of young mothers to be declining as more women are opting for motherhood later, birth rate declines are also seen in women in their 30s, as well. These declines seem to be about much more than just postponed fertility.


[c] “At least through 2016, this trend appeared to be mostly driven by changes in marital status.”[/c]

[d] From the article:

When it comes to discussions about declining fertility, conservatives tend to “get it” right away: not having a next generation, or having a far smaller one, will cause problems down the line. In my experience, progressives tend to be more hesitant: is this a back-door argument to keep women out of the workplace? No; in fact, there’s robust empirical evidence most women want more kids.” [/d]

The decline in fertility has been far greater among minorities than among non-Hispanic whites.

[e] This graph is the difference in births between 2008 to 2016. The Baby Bust has “hammered Native Americans and Hispanics particularly hard, and hit even African Americans harder than whites generally, and certainly harder than non-Hispanic whites”. [/e]

State-wise, all are on a birth decline except North Dakota.

[f] Interestingly, “even as declining fertility makes the country’s population whiter, it is making the country’s politics redder: on average, states won by Clinton in 2016 are missing 9% of their expected births since 2008, whereas states Trump won are missing just 7.8%.”[/f]

Other factors like education differences are smaller than differences by age or race, suggesting that “socioeconomic class is not the biggest driver of changing fertility rates.” Whereas “race, ethnicity, marital status, and geography are the best predictors of changes in fertility over the last decade.”


[9] Article: An MRI brain scan can reveal if you are transgender, says study

[a] The analysis “of around 160 participants showed that biological males with gender dysphoria — the experience of discomfort or distress due to their biological sex — had a brain structure and neurological patterns similar to biological females, and vice versa”. The results were presented at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting in Barcelona.[/a]

[b] “The team used MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) tests to examine brain activation upon exposure to a steroid, and measured grey matter and white matter microstructure using a technique called diffusion tensor imaging.” [/b]

The distinct neurological differences are detectable during childhood and the scientists behind the new research say their discovery promises doctors a new “tool with which to offer better advice at an earlier stage.”

[c] “Prof Julie Bakker, who led the research at the University of Liege in Belgium, said: “We will be better equipped to support these young people, instead of just sending them to a psychiatrist and hoping that their distress will disappear spontaneously.”[/c]



She Meant “Gay” as in “Happy” You Tit! | BREAKING (Badger)
By Max Derrat


1. A Twitter user named @realbasedamy was arrested on Wednesday, May 23rd for… according to police… a homophobic hate crime.
- Her crime? She told somebody in a car park to “have a gay day”! She wasn’t using the word  

“gay” in the derogatory sense of the word, but rather she was wishing somebody to have a happy day.

2. The police stood outside her door for five minutes asking her to open up. Amy said she wanted to know what she was being arrested for, but the policewoman speaking to her through the door wouldn’t answer that question
- When Amy opened the door, the police man stepped forward to arrest her. Amy, startled by
him moving forward in an aggressive manner pushed him slightly with both her arms
- Following that action, she was thrown to the ground and then hauled to the station

3. Amy is now out on bail