Thunderclap & Contest

The magnificent Whip Plush backers are one stretch goal away from free Grunn pillows- let's help unlock them!

Regardless of whether you can back the campaign, everyone can jump in our Thunderclap:

Free to join, and it's tremendously helpful- nothing works like word-of-mouth.

I've had publicity firms and marketing places coming out of the woodworks the past week, all clamoring for a cut of the action- but the thing is, none of those guys are as effective as you.  

Which is why we're also launching a contest.

I need your help to come up with the "WORST MARKETING SLOGAN EVER."  I'll take reader submissions for the worst possible tag-line to promote this Whip Kickstarter, and we're gonna use the winner on actual banner ads all over the internet.  

I'll post up contest details tomorrow- meanwhile join our Thunderclap, and don't forget our free sketch-request livestream coming up on Friday, the 30th!   Times, guests, and links to be announced.