Thursday stream!
I know, it's a bit early, since I said I would start this next week. But I'm watching some doggies, so just in case that one gets skipped, I'm doing one this week as well. 

This is the start of my new stream schedule. First and third week of the month will be Art Requests, where patreons get first bite. Then on the second and last week of the month, it will be Patreon art, where I either take requests from patreons, work on patreon rewards, or commissions. Seeing as this is the last week of June, I'll be hosting a Patreon Art stream this time. Don't worry, I'll probably take requests if I get time. It would save us all time if you have any reference ready, just in case. I will skip people backwards in the figurative queue, to keep the pace going. I'll give people 5 minutes to give me their refs when it's their turn, or they get bumped back. 

It will be at 5pm gmt+1, and last to about 7pm gmt+1, or one hour extra, if there's enough energy in me. 

I'm hoping to post the streams up on youtube for those who missed them. I have no way of making streams private for patreons only, as of yet, so this is a public one. Don't think mic will be on, but I'll at least try and bring some classic tunes.

Hope to see you there!