Thursday Update
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Been a pretty productive day for myself. We did dip on toes into the realm of Youtube Gaming today. I think the Youtube Gaming Platform has a lonnng way to go but I'll probably be committing to a few small streams a week to keep a presence there. 

Also got in touch with some people in the business of pr about getting a more direct route to getting games from publishers like other bigger youtubers. Coming into this business you pretty much learn it on the go so until I did some more research I didn't know who to contact. Not one of those things you can google sadly.

I've created a playlist for our youtubegaming adventure which will be up on the main channel. Was trying to get our Batman cosplay twitch adventure up on the second channel but for the life of me the twitch export does not want to compute. 

Expect to see the Taiwan food tasting video tomorrow along with the channel trailer hopefully though if I'm not 100 percent happy with it I will try to rework it again. Also got invited to a special youtube associated party at Pax West but badges for that were sold out forever ago but it's nice to be invited! 

The Long Dark Youtube Gaming Stream

Had a fairly good stream of Stellaris, trying out the new dlc. Planning on a short Fallout 4 YT gaming stream, then Friday night XCOM 2.

Hope you all have a good night!