THwN - Art Commissions!
Okay, so it's time! Looking at the Rewards Tier it seems we've gotten to the point where this patron reached 100$ a while back! The reward tiers state at that point, I'd start to look around for commissions related to the game. This reward tier was kept inconsistent for the past couples months, but seeing it safely reach that point I feel it's time to say that I can make good on that reward!

Considering I'm doing a rather frequent series of updates each month, I think this reward is more than doable now. The only question remains - What to commission?!

It's a pretty wide open option, with few strings attached. And wide opened with possibilities! So many, it's hard to say. Knowing this, what would you, the backers prefer I do for this? What would you like to see? Art pieces depicting some of the Game's endings? (Maybe put in the game?) Alternate scenarios, or just kinky pieces you'd love to see? If you've any ideas comment in the section below and I'll hear you out.

I might hold a Poll later, and pose this question more over time to find out where to go with this!

And as always, thank you all so much for the change to make this game and motivate me to keep working on it. I couldn't have done it without your support!

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