Tickle Torture Fetish Book release update
:( Well the game plan was to release the new book today, but like the old saying goes .... 

"The best laid plans of mice and men!" 

I have to push it out until roughly September 1st. Yes I know you are disappointed and trust me so am I. There isn't much choice in the matter so. 

Between the continuing Internet issues I am having at my location, a layout malfunction on my content store blog which removed all my tags and categories, forcing me to resort almost 400 posts into place, and falling behind on my main work which pays my bills, I am just not able to write the way I hoped. 

The more work I have to do everywhere else to meet my obligations, the less time I have to write and release my books. Let's face it, that was what this Patreon was about. To help me with the finances so I can take the necessary time to write and release. 

Oh and I am having the dickens of a time getting a nice book cover as well. Still have to sort that out and I can't afford to pay $200 for a book cover right now. So that falls on my shoulders as well. 

Please be patient a little while longer. I am working as fast as I can. 

Keep your fingers crossed that I'll have a bang up next week financially on my Niteflirt, Clips4Sale and in Tributes, then I can go ahead and take a couple f days to just write and get it done. 

Goddess Bella Donna