Tied Up - Fractal Artwork
Fractal artwork created with Apophysis


March has been a month of art hiatus, I didn't have much energy or time to create anything new. Even after 10 years of making fractal art I still haven't made my peace with the fact that there are weeks, or even months when it's not possible to create anything. In my mind, there is an image of 16-year old me who had little responsibilities besides school, chores and occational part-time job and almost all the time in the world to create new artworks. I wanted to grow up so quickly and now that I am the so-called adult, I feel kinda sorry that I didn't appreciate fully what I had back then. However, I do appreciate it in retrospect. It's a thing I can look back on and try to incorporate it back to my life, bit by bit.

Technique & technicalities

This weekend I finally had some fun with an older parameter file, Tied Up is one of several new tweaks I made today. It's my favourite style, as you might have already noticed. (I should probably explain what tweak means - it's basically a new artwork derived from another one.) This one is a 3-dimensional fractal, so the rendering takes much longer than usual and I can't produce JPG files in quick succession. Once they are rendered, I'll upload the new tweaks ASAP :) This also means that hi-res file won't be available for a while but I will do my best to attach it in following week.


It's not entirely uncommon that fractal artworks bear multiple meanings,  and the meanings can oppose each other on top of that. Tied Up is definitely one of those. The central motif shows a knot, which may be interpreted as either tied or being untied, so it's open to your interpretation. I see it as both because it connects the past and the present - the past when I've been tied up in state of creative paralysis and the present when I'm finally able to create something new.

But maybe there are other things present in the artwork as well, tell me what you see in it!