Tier 04 : Overwatch 'CHIBI' Series
I'd like to explain more about the 4th tier on the rewards I offer here in Patreon. The sculptures are based on the sprays called "cute" on Overwatch.

What you'll get:

Basically, all the previous rewards from Tier 1 - Tier 3.

A massive discount on a chibi statue.

And you get to choose which hero you want to receive. The thing is, I have only finished Reaper (at the time of this post) so if you happen to choose a hero farther on the list below, that means you'll get it on a much later date. 

Hero and possible shipping month:

  • Reaper - August
  • Sombra - September
  • Tracer - October
  • Mercy - October
  • D.Va - November

What if I want a different hero?

If the demand is high on a certain hero that's not on the list, I will definitely make more. I would also like to encourage voting in polls. So if you want me to create another hero, please let me know. :)

If the hero is unpopular in the votes, you can request your own custom sculpture on the 5th tier that I offer. It can be in chibi or normal human form.

It would help me out.

As much as I'd like to create and explore different materials in sculpting, I am limited to what I can get my hands on. With your support, I'd be able to order materials from the US that is readily available here in the Philippines.

I hate being "handicapped" or talking about it. (Metaphorically, btw.) But sometimes, when I create and post something, people assume that I live in a first world country where I can just walk over to Micheal's for supplies. (if that is the case, I'd be unstoppable :D )

Aside from the material cost, shipping cost will also be a bit painful in the pocket so I have to order things in bulk so that It'll fit in a big box then I only have to pay for one shipping cost. Ordering in bulk is also a huge risk because when I ended up not liking the material, I'm screwed. So a lot of research and planning is needed because I don't have a whole lot of money to spare.  Overall, this experience is like playing an online game with a horrible lag. (lol) But I still manage.