Tier 1 Episode Release + Status Update
Tier 1 has access to another episode now. 

As for that blasted Episode 118, it is still not done. ><

So what is going on, you might ask?

Miki continued his no food no drink steak so I brought him to the vet on Friday for infusion again. When we came back home, he was in a hurry to exit the cat carrier and hit his back leg while exiting.

The pain of hitting an already damaged leg must have been horrifying, perhaps he even got a muscle cramp, because after that Miki went crazy. He was thrashing around hitting everything with his limbs, screaming and twitching in agony.

The sight of him in so much pain is the stuff of nightmares that will haunt me at night.

I tried to stop his thrashing, worried that he might aggravate his injury and in his madness he bit me on my left hand.

Luckily I am right handed, because now my left hand is swollen, red and painful, in other words, indisposed. I got a anti tetanus shot today and am drinking antibiotics.

Writing with one hand is rather inefficient, but I'll be fine, which can't be said for Miki.

His episode of craziness aggravated his injury and now he can't control his bladder and drips pee everywhere (mostly on himself).

The vet said that if he can't control his bladder then it would be better to put him down because he would constantly suffer from infections of the urinary tract.

I am grasping at straws here so I bought him some vitamin B medicine that helps regenerate nerves and am hoping that if I give him time he would recover.

Caring for Miki at this point involves confining him, washing and drying him daily, hand feeding him several times a day, changing his diapers and coming up with ways to feed him the large vitamin pill.

It also involves me worrying about his state every minute of the day and regular disheartening, depressing checkups.

Now he lies in the corridor curled up. The stench is horrible, I don't remember his piss ever smelling so pungent. The vet is giving him antibiotics, it is probably so smelly because of an infection.

On the up side, at least he is eating home cooked chicken now and I notice that the level of water in his bowl is decreasing so he should be drinking too. I guess the syringe feeding nightmare should be over?

Sigh… anyway, the most time I found during the entire day to write this is now, several minutes before bed. ><

Sorry guys T-T I hope I can get my life back together soon and get back to my usual writing schedule.

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