Tier Reorganizaing
So, as it stands right now, here are the updated tiers and what you can get at each one.


  • Access to our Patreon feed. 
  • Entry into our monthly Giveaway! (US/Canada only)
  • Exclusive Hangouts Every Month
  • Participation in our Exclusive at Con Meetups 
  • Access to our private Discord 
  • Access to our Rabb.it room (Watching Netflix/Youtube/Hulu/etc)

$5 Youtube 

  • A sneak peak of our scripts!
  • Early Video Release by 1-3 days 
  • Special mention in our credits

$10 Cosplay Construction 

  • WIP Photos/videos
  • Mini Tutorials on Construction 
  • Access to the detailed work logs for our costumes and props
  • Q&A sessions on cosplay pieces via Google Hangouts
  • Pattern scans or photos of the pieces we make!

$15  Digital Prints + Kawaii IRL + Mini Print 

  • 1 6x4 mini print each month 
  • 1-2 Digital photos of new cosplays
  • 3-4 Digital photos of every Kawaii IRL set
  •  Occasional Wallpapers 

The $20 tier is gone

$30 Print Tier is pending for removal

 $60 Personal Tier

  • Monthly one on one Hangout session on Skype
  • A Unique Photo Gift every month!
  •  One signed personal Polaroid/Photo of us 

So mostly what I did was combine some of the elements of the $20 Print tier into the Digital Print/mini print tier and new $30 print tier. Because in the end I think it would be easier to show all of our digital work in one place rather than splitting it up. Now, most of you voted either to get rid of the print tiers or that you didn't care either way. With this in mind we will also be removing the $30 print tier as well as we embrace more of a digital  form. You may also notice that outside of the monthly mini print, photo gift, and personal photo, everything else will be on an occasional/when it's complete basis. This will relieve a lot of stress on us as we won't be able to create as many new cosplays, therefore new prints as quickly. It will be more like a personal goal to create something new or take new photos, as opposed to a a necessity. In that way it'll also help keep us from burning out. 

Sorry we seem to reorganize every few months, when certain tiers don't do well it just makes sense to revamp them or get rid of them, while the ones doing well we like to add to them.  If you all have any questions, or want to see something added as a future tier reward please let me know as we love to hear what kind of rewards  you guys look for in your pledges.