Tier changups and even more stuff
First let me say now all patrons may suggest topics for Sketchurday. I hope this will bring a new level of participation to the Patreon, and provide something fun for everyone.

Second I've cut back on the number of tiers by folding a few together. Sketch Bunny and Hopper are now the same tier, meaning at that tier you'll now get both wallpaper AND a free sketch every month.  Don't worry, no one is losing anything, because I was sure to not make the price any higher than anyone's current pledge, however you may need to go and manually set your reward to the new Hopper tier to make sure you get your rewards.

Lastly if anyone ever feels like becoming a big spender, the top two tiers have been rolled together into Warren Chief, and you can choose between sponsoring a comic or video at that level.