Tier Subscription, Explained.
Hello Patreon!
I am eager to get more original art out from my studio, that I have lined up several new images I will be able to release as soon as Late September-Early October, which means 100s of all-new products will be available in my Shop (artistcraigahamilton.com/shop). To accelerate this process, vital funding is critical to ensure a swift, steady production. Your pledges help to fund my studio releases to the world, and you, the Subscriber, power this message across time and space. Subscribers are invited to follow me on social media channels and enjoy original content on their all devices. Then...SHARE THE LOVE! Tag you and your favorites from my signature images, apparel, home decor, and one-off collectables in a photo with hashtag #CHImagemaker or #NSSM.

First, Patreon charges patrons to unlock content exclusive to my feed. Starting every 1st Monday, #PledgeMondayPostoftheDay spotlights patron-only content, declares new pledges made in the past month, as well as new releases in a pre-scheduled post. Subscribers earn rewards every month based on their tier and can increase their collections over time of my original art to resell or trade. Patreon creators, I'll match your pledge $1/1% of your tier subscription. I create for subscribers original images, art that is mutable between wall decor and apparel, home products, and even tech accessories. 100s of products are created from just ONE original image and each are made-to-order by vendor partnerships that make it possible for EVERYONE to own creativity.

Ok, so there's levels to everything in life. As there's depth to how much people express love; for activities, for personal belongings, for other people. Like love, my subscribers show their love with their pledges and the more you pledge, the bigger rewards I give back to my fans. Increasing amounts gain access to higher value creations, such as special material prints and limited edition prototypes, as well, as first-look at new work and products as they are announced. I envision releasing quarterly catalogues patrons can easily share and sell original images in their very own diverse networks all across the world.

To subscribe, simply pledge just $1.
$1 keeps paper on my desk and a pen in my hand. Every Saturday/Sunday, I'll post sketches, drafts, and concepts of works in progress (non-commission) for the public online and fans, friends alike can follow along with my progress. Search #SketchSessionsSaturday #SketchSessionsSunday #SketchSessionsSeries

Patrons receive a shoutout on social media for your support and tag your profile on my Instagram (@nightstarskywalker). I'll post new subscribers' social media handle or dedications every Friday following #Patreon #PledgeMondayPostoftheDay #PMPOTD, a monthly scheduled Patron-Only post of my newly released images. NOTE: This is not limited to ONE per month, and may increase in frequency in future months as with the more subscribers pledge, the more original content I can produce:

$5 -Collectable Stickers
$10 - Collectable Buttons
$25 - Color Photo Print
$55 - Large Format Photo Print
$100 - 8" x 8" or 8" x 12" MINI Canvas Photo Print
$150 - 12" x 12" or 12" x 16" SMALL Canvas Photo Print
$200 - 20" x 20" or 16" x 20" MEDIUM Canvas Photo Print
$250 - 20" x 30" or 30" x 30" LARGE Canvas Photo Print
$300 - 24" x 24" or 24" x 36" X-LARGE Canvas Photo Print
$500 - 30" x 40" or 40" x 40" XXLARGE Canvas Photo Print
$750 - 40" x 60" HUGE Canvas Photo Print
$1000 - 9" x 11" Original Art (1 of 10)