Tier List Week 3
 I've been making a deck tier list for the last few weeks for my Patreon supporters. I haven't released it publicly because it is still a work in progress. Lots of decks are still missing. 

It's important to note that FFG has done a great job providing us with a ton of viable, competitive, decks. I consider anything tier 2 and above a deck that can win a tournament. I'm sure there will be plenty of tier 2 decks that someone will think is a tier 1 deck. In the right hands, it may in fact be a tier 1 deck.

Why a tier list at all? Good point, it isn't actually needed. This is just a fun activity. Ranking cards and decks is fun, don't take it too seriously. It is useful for someone trying to understand how others see relative deck strength.

Tier Jango - Okay I've officially given in. Jango decks are simply tops right now. There are quite a few good ones right now. I will say though that the tier 1 decks are quite close to this tier.

(+) Jango/Trooper/Trooper 


EJango/EVeers (I don't like this exact list) - I'm temtped to drop this to tier 1. I think it's worse than the other 2 due to its low health pool.

Tier 1 - These are great decks in the current meta game. They have a good chance to win a tournament. However, they can still lose to a tier 2 deck.

 (N) EKylo/EDooku  - The ranking of this deck is still being evaluated. I went 5-0 in a tournament this week, and I have not lost yet with the deck. It's flexible and strong, but not as bursty as tier Jango decks.

(+)EHan/ERey  - A local player in my meta has been demonstrating just how strong this list can be. It still feels tier 2 to me, but I'm moving it up for this week.

Hyperloop  - An aggro deck that becomes a control deck in the late game is tough to beat.

Dooku(Vader)/EJabba  - This is the best control deck in Destiny. The problem is that those bursty Jango decks have an edge over it.

 Vader/Raider 2.0  - This one is slipping. If I had a tier 1.5 it would be on it with Han/Rey. But this may also be a reflection of my experiences, as I don't know a single person who plays it.

Tier 2 - FFG has done a great job giving us a large number of viable decks that can win a tournament. They might not have the raw power or consistency of the tier 1 decks, but they are a legitimate threat. Someone will certainly be angry that a deck is in this tier.

 (-) EJango/EJabba  - I've played this with deck and against it more, I think it's just not quite there. When Jango dies, you die.  Having said that, I am working on a revamped list that might bump it back up.

Vader/Raider 1.0  - The original "best deck." Still solid, but no longer a dominant force.

Luke/Ackbar - Luke is amazing and gets to heal a lot. But ... when he dies, oh boy.

Ackbar/Trooper - When the moons align the burst is insane. Not a lot of dice mitigation though, and not consistent cheating makes it vulnerable to dice control. Don't let a 2 focus Ackbar die hang around!

E Qui-Gon / E Rey - Mono blue heroes just feels too fair these days. Low burst, don't cheat damage, weaker weapons. It's very solid, but feels lacking.

Tier 3 - Decks that are close but not quite as good as tier 2. They aren't as much of a threat to win a tournament, but in the right hands can certainly make some noise.

E Grevious/Dooku  - Grevious at 10 health dies too quickly. No red melee weapons hurts as well. The deck feels like it is only a few cards away. Perhaps someone can still make this a tier 2 deck.

Hero Mill Decks w/ Patience - Every game is close, and it makes these decks feel so good. But against good players, with good decks, they usually come up short.

Padme/Ackbar - This is a really fast mill deck that might actually be tier 2. But it has a low health pool and doesn't do damage. I haven't lost to it, but I've been scared by it on numerous occasions.

I hope you enjoyed the list, and don't take it too seriously. I put out an update each week for my Patreon supporters.  Once I feel like it is complete, I may start publishing it at the end of each week.