🌟Tier Overview 🥪

All tiers will have access to Patreon-exclusive posts and the Secret Shop! 

Exclusive posts that are accessible for every tier are listed below (may change over time):

  • Behind the Scenes/ Life updates
  • A peek at upcoming new products
  • Opportunity to vote for future merch

Patreon-exclusive secret shop

A Patreon-exclusive secret shop will be opened this November! where you will be able to purchase exclusive rewards from previous months (if there's leftover)!

***To free up space for new merch, Patreon merch will be moved to my Main Shop if there's still leftover after 6 months

The passcode for the shop will be shared in a post every month. As the passcode is for Patreons and Patreons only, please do not share the passcode with others.


Tiny Mayo tier is a little tip jar 🍯 + some tasty exclusive content. You'll also have the access to the Patreon-exclusive SECRET SHOP!

For those who want to be a part of the community and support me in a simple way, this is the perfect tier for you! 


The Little Cucumber tier is a digital rewards club! 🥒 This means you will be able to access Patreon-exclusive digital downloads which could be wallpaper, printable memos and more! And of course access to more exclusive content! 

✱ Sketchbook tour

I'll share my sketches and show you how I come up with different illustrations and product designs.

✱ Masterlist of my resources

Starting from this tier, you can get an exclusive information/ ongoing master list of my resources, get to know what manufacturer/supplies I used for each product. I will also share the e-commerce app/ websites that are helpful to create your own Online Shop!


The Small Tomato tier is a sticker club!🍅 If you are a part of this tier, a sticker sheet (+ occasional BONUS stickers!) will be sent to your mailbox every month!📬 You will also receive an exclusive birthday sticker with your rewards in your Birthday month!  

✱ Membership Card + Collectable Sticker

Every new Patron will get a membership card to collect stickers on :) A collectable sticker will be sent to you together with your physical rewards every month!

You will get a special reward once you have collected 6 stickers!

✱ Shop discount - 10% off discount code to be used in my public shop!


The Big Cheese tier includes monthly happy mail! 🧀  Cheesy happy mail is a package of goodies including:

  • Sticker sheet (from the Tomato tier)
  • Vinyl Stickers 
  • Occasional freebies/ merch sample
  • Special birthday sticker


The Sandwich Combo tier is your ultimate Happy mail package! 🥪 You will receive the Cheesy Happy Mail + 1-2 Patreon-exclusive merch! The new merch could be washi tape, acrylic keychains, clay things and more! 

(Mostly 2 merches but depending on the merch cost!)

You can choose to receive these goodies monthly or quarterly! The contents will be exactly the same, the only difference is the frequency of receiving happy mail! 

Monthly - You will receive the happy mail every month 

Quarterly - 3-month worth of happy mail ship to you once at the end of each quarter.
For example, if you join in October, your happy mail will be shipped at the end of December.
You must stay in the same tier THROUGH THE WHOLE QUARTER

SHIPPING of tiers with Physical Happy Mail

Small Tomato: Untracked stamped mail

Big Cheese: Untracked stamped mail

Sandwich Combo: 

  • Domestic - Untracked stamped mail
  • International - Tracked parcel mail

More shipping info or if you have more questions, please check out the FAQ page or send me a message! :)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts