Patreon Perks Changing!

Those who are already donating through Patreon will be promoted to the next tier up for as long as you  continue your current pledge. This will allow you to keep your current perks.

Hello everyone! In a continued effort to encourage more people to support the server, add exciting perks that don't break the EULA, and maintain a simple and organized tier system, I've overhauled all of the donation perks & ranks.

We are saying goodbye to the Patreon rank. From now on instead of earning just the perks of one of the associated Premium Ranks, you will now earn the rank itself. I.E, those pledging $5/m will now be Donor's in-game. Those donating $1/m will be set to Veteran in-game.  

The actual perks for each Premium Rank has changed as well! Make sure you read what the new perks are, as they HAVE been reduced to try and bring Altitude back to a more reasonable and challenging feel. I think the perks may have been a bit too much before (25 homes!?).

I hope that you will all understand the reasoning for these changes and know that I do REALLY appreciate all of your support. Thank you all.