Alright you guys! I thought through the tiers and I'm gonna list everything below in order! The only things I will be removing is fan signs and guaranteed tutorials. It seems like nobody is really interested in the fan signs and they kind of take a lot of time so I was always getting them out late. If you are a CURRENT patron and ever want a fan sign in a specific cosplay, PLEASE feel free to message me and request it and when I shoot that cosplay, I will also shoot a fan sign for you <3 The tutorials is something I will still try to post but honestly I'm really bad at it and never do anything the way it probably should be done (lmao) so I'm just going to remove it as an "offical" reward for the time being. This is gonna be a lengthy post so just bear with me! I just want your guy's opinions on everything! 

$1 "Welcome to the Family"

-Access to Patreon only feed

-1 Picture sneak peek of all photo sets (excluding implied set)

-Personal Thank you message at time of pledge

$5 "Bronze"

Receive everything from the previous tier plus

-Monthly Desktop wallpaper

-Access to ALL polls

-Access to SFW videos such as cosplay try on's, WIP video's, etc.

$20 "Silver"

Receive everything from previous tiers plus

-Access to NSFW Patreon snapchat

-Access to all cosplay and cosplay boudoir photo sets (excludes implied sets)

-1 teaser photo from implied sets

-Personalized Birthday card 

-8x10 monthly Patreon exclusive print

$35 "Gold"

Receive everything from previous tiers plus

-Access to implied nude sets (No actual nudity)

-8x10 monthly Patreon exclusive print

-2 5x7 monthly Patreon exclusive prints

-On your pledge anniversary, you will receive a package of Jojo Goodies from me! (Prints, gifts, etc.)

$50 "Platinum"

Receive everything from previous tiers plus

-2 8x10 monthly Patreon exclusive prints

-3 5x7 monthly Patreon exclusive prints

-I will add/follow back on all social media! (Personal fb/IG/etc.)

-Game with me! (Note: I only play on PC currently!)

-Access to Patreon discord for gaming and hang outs!

-Choose a cosplay I do ONLY for you! You will get access to the full set and get to choose an extra print from the set that you'd like mailed to you! This can be redeemed once every 6 months!

Sooooo whatcha guys think?? I'd love feedback from everybody so this post is public! <3