Tiers Explained!
(Note: All latter tiers contain everything from the tiers before them.) 



+ Weekly early pages - We’ll also post early pages, 2 pages a week, ahead of our website. 

+ Quarterly Wallpapers - We’ll upload a desktop wallpaper every 3 months! 

+ Factoids and Development sketches - There are a lot of hidden things in Novae that we didn’t really cover in the comic. We’ll compile our notes and share these factoids with you! Also we’ll post glimpses of new characters and scenes before they appear in the main story. 

+ Access to the Patreon-only feed - You’ll have access to our private Patreon feed where we’ll post news, discount codes, and other special Novae related posts. 


Twin Star

+ Sketches and Drawings of intimate scenes (Occasionally NSFW) - We have a lot of extra scenes in the comic, especially down the line, of Sulvain and Raziol being intimate with each other. But we couldn’t include all of them in the comic so we’ll include them here!   

+ Gag comics and bonus scenes - We have a lot of silly scenarios in our heads and we’ll make them into comics and share them with you. :D 

+ A PDF of the entire chapter before it’s released on the website - We complete each 20-35 page chapter months before we update it page by page on the site. By subscribing to this tier you’ll get to read the entire chapter, up to 3 months ahead of the website. (We release a chapter every 2 -3 months) 

+ Novae lore - Wondering about the history behind Sulvain’s craft? We’ll expand and explain the Novae universe as the story unfolds. 


Star Cluster

+ A secret comic that updates 2x a month focusing on backstories or bonus scenes

Our current secret comic is an extending scene from Chapter 4! Sulvain gives Raziol a massage.

We'll continue this short about Sulvain after the above comic!

The previous short is about Sulvain discovering a strange ability in his childhood and young adult life. It also explores his first romantic relationship and how he navigates that relationship as someone who is demi-sexual. 

+ Process videos - We’ll record ourselves penciling, inking and coloring the comic! So if you’re curious about how we do things, this is a great chance to get to know how it’s done. 

+ PSDs of selected pages - You’ll also receive layered PSDs so you can dissect our pages layer by layer.  

+ Secret materials to other projects - We have many stories that are currently in development and we are normally very shy about showing our works in-progress, but with this tier, you shall see everything! 

+ Future Tutorials - When we reach our first goal, we’ll be releasing tutorials on how we get our comics made which includes tips and tricks we discover along the way! 



+ A monthly postcard sent directly to your door - We’ll mail you a postcard with a unique illustration every month!

+ Access to our secret youtube channel where we post our Lets Plays. 

  • Current game  – Stardew Valley

We love playing games and thought about making a private LP channel. But we’re shy, so we’re only sharing it with you guys as a bonus! We’re mostly low-key and relaxed. 



We are here to give you personal editorial advice! We’ve worked with a couple of excellent editors over the years and we’ve picked up some great wisdom. We have applied that knowledge to our own work and developed a sense of comic structure and narrative. When you subscribe, you’ll have two fresh pairs of eyes to go over your creative project!

We can go over thumbnails, scripts or comic pages. Here’s what we can take on at the moment!

  • 1 Chapter of thumbs + that chapter’s script
  • 1 volume of comic script.(We’ll read over the whole script and start with basic advice on how to improve the flow and effectiveness of the story. If you would like to stay on after that month, we can go in-depth into each chapter. (1-2 Chapters per month.)
  • Prose/Novel first look.(We’ll read 1-2 Chapters of your prose/novel and give you our thoughts on the structure, tone and narrative.)
  • Comic pages (If you’re seeking advice or looking to take your art in a new direction we’ll provide you with critiques and resources to help you achieve the vision you have in mind.)

We’ll communicate through e-mail, that way you’ll always have something to look back on and we can gather our thoughts better. If you’re continually working on the project during the month of your pledge, we can correspond to your edits up to 3 times a month.

When you sign up for this tier, your spot is reserved and we can start as soon as the pledge goes through at the beginning of each month.