Tiger01A Pre-Alpha Patron Participate Addon
To All Veteran Rewards 3DTree Patreons, Get your own tiger today!

If you're not in a rewards group you may miss out on this: Also only open to veteran 3DTree Patreons (more then 2 sequential successful current pledges)

Like and 'comment your interest' on this Tiger01 prop, 

For every Veteran rewards 3DTree Patreon who comments, I'll PPM (Patreon Private Message) your download URL and build your licence to this pre-alpha animated Tiger addon -sharemovie (_sharemovies contain a Movie+addon)  so you can run it on your own systems.


About this addon:

The starter-movie above shows just about all the actions the tiger can do. It was animated at 30 frames per second but rendered and uploaded at/for 60 frames per second on 'utube.

The opacity parts of the hair has an option to be set up as 2sided but the video only shows as 1 sided.

Bottom line: Participate for extra content!