Tiki Sneak Peek
While visiting the Captain of the Lemon Pirates, I had the pleasure of a trip to her local fabric bazaar which is really quite, well, stunning and more than a little overwhelming. One simply must go with a shopping list and if possible a McMactavisham to help one manage parcels and other minutia. A map might not go amiss either! (I do, of course, have a few recommendations on favourite shops should you perchance find yourself in the Los Angeles area with a need for fabric.)

Fortunately, as I was in the company of the Captain in all of her roguish glory, I was quite well chaperoned through the throngs and she, of course, had her methods for managing parcels bound for her airship.

My darlings, I cannot begin to describe the sheer magnitude of Hawaiian print and Polynesian inspired fabrics that I viewed that day. We visited the remarkable Island Fabrics which is dedicated to such prints and, my stars and garters, I have never been so bombarded by florals and fruits in my entire existence.

After considerable debate, a few exchanges by aetheric exchange, and one rather harried message sent by pigeon, the Grand Arbiter and I decided on this particular fabric as the basis of our upcoming Tikipunk ensemble for Gaslight Steampunk Expo. It seems we may be traveling aboard the Nautilus or at least having tea aboard with dear Captain Nemo. (I understand staterooms are booking up rather quickly!) Dear Ptolemy and myself wished to look our absolute best whilst still maintaining a dashing appearance for any visits on the shores of Vulcania.  

We'd heard a rumor that the Captain might be quite the fan of purple or perhaps Ptolemy heard that the Captains milliner liked purple? Or it might have been that someone else entirely is a grand fan of heliotrope...

Regardless, we decided that a symphony of purple was to be the color for this particular ensemble. And oh my yes, there shall be some custom dyeing on my part for the other pieces of our garments.


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