Tiled 1.1 Released
Today I've finally released Tiled 1.1! I'm glad it's done and looking forward to being able to focus on new features again without carrying around this massive egg.

Check out the Tiled 1.1 blog post for all the details. I also wrote a short devlog on itch.io. And of course, let me know if you find any new issues or have problems with any of the new features!

Small Adjustment to Goals

I've adjusted my 2-days-per-week goal from $1300 to $1400 to compensate for sales on itch.io being a little lower in recent months. That is not a problem right now, because I'm well above that thanks to your massive support!

In addition, I've added a $1700 goal (I'm nearly there!), which would allow me to rent a small office room, where I could concentrate better without all distractions at home (like my son who's not going to Kindergarten yet).

Thanks again for supporting me and enjoy the release!