Tilley Music + Life Update for Patrons <3
Hey guys!  I kept putting off writing a blog update for you guys, so I decided to make a VIDEO instead!  Hopefully you guys will actually watch it... I know it's kinda long (11 minutes) but this is a huge big update on, like, everything... I'm going to aim to make these updates to you guys more often (maybe weekly/fortnightly?) so then they'll be much shorter, I'm planning less than 5min, ok?  OK.

Also sorry the background music is kinda cheesy.  Finding background music for a video which isn't either super distracting/aggressive/totally wrong vibe, but also isn't incredibly annoying UPBEAT UKULELE TRACK YAAAAAY is really challenging haha...

Also, i thought making a video would be easier than writing a blog.  ahaha.  ahahAHAHAHAHA.  But seriously... this took like an hour to record and several hours to edit.  I have a much greater appreciation for YouTubers who do this stuff all the time.  Also talking on camera is hard and awkward and I forget to say stuff/say stuff wrong... but maybe if I do this more often I will get better at it.  Fingers crossed!

Love you guys, talk soon 

Tilley x