I took on a commission pretty last minute this month. But I couldn't say no because... well she wanted to wear my design to an event!! I'm still a little shocked from it because this is the first time someone thought it was pretty enough to buy and wear T.T Super flattered and nervous... and all sorts of emotions. 

I took a little selfie with my mannequin before sending off the dress. I'm happy I made it though!! Not the same material .. BETTER material :D See? Learning from my past creations. So I hope she likes it... I love how it came out and omg... SOMEONE IS WEARING MY DESIGN :DDD 

So yes. I spent my free time on that as well as midterms. I'm not doing so well in school because of all the extra things on my plate but.. it's ok! I can do it. I may have to give up my games for awhile but that's nothing new. 

Let me know how you guys have been! I miss updating often :( Best way to chat me up is on IG :D I like to respond to as many DMs as I can during my breaks :D 

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