Time for another sneak peek of what's coming up
Hello everyone!

I have officially become nocturnal.  My sleep schedule is shot.  However, in my sleep-deprived state, I made the effort to modify my old Canon T1i.  I removed the IR filter in front of CMOS sensor, opening up my camera to a much larger selection of light wavelengths, including Infrared and Hydrogen Alpha.  We are more interested in the hydrogen alpha, which is shown in the above image.  The above image is of the Bubble Nebula.  If you are able to zoom in on the section right above the center, you'll notice a spherical bubble-like object.  Fitting name right? 

I plan on using this camera for a bit to play around with it.  I'm either going to this or the Flaming Star Nebula that I'll post right below.  I'll see you guys soon!

Clear Skies,


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