Time for a new mission statement
Amira just got home from school. I just finished making us a green smoothie and boiling a kettle of hot water to brew some tea. (The tea is for iced tea later.) She's settling in for her hour of gaming time. And me, I'm settling in for this short conversation with you. It's a lovely afternoon! 

For almost two months now, I've been adding certain activites into my life. The goal is to create habits that will help me more fully love my life. Without a single thing being different from today, I live a blessed and happy life. 


I feel a compelled to change what I do day-to-day. I want to do this so. I want to find a genuine, heart-full satisfaction in the choices that I make. I don't believe I'm here to save the world. I do believe I'm here to make a difference... to find and create meaning and fulfill my purpose. I want to be authentic and live in synchrony with my truest and most heart-felt values. I know that my purpose isn't one specific thing or way. As my world and I change, my purpose will shift and evolve too. 

I know all of this can happen, if I'm living with awareness and intention, regardless of what the circumstances of my life are. It doesn't matter if I'm struggling, working an uninspiring job, coming off of a huge failure... or success.

Have you heard of writing a mission statement for your life? I've done it in the past as a part of a few workshops that I've participated in. The goal is to create the foundation from which you live the rest of your life. It isn't situation specific. I think it's time for me to write one again. What's your life mission? If you already know and are comfortable sharing, I'd love read it. If you haven't, maybe take on creating your own along with me. 

I found these questions to help us create a mission statement from the New York Times article,

Creating a New Mission Statement:

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • How do you want people to describe you?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Who or what matters most to you?
  • What are your deepest values?
  • How would you define success in your life?
  • What makes your life really worth living?

I'm starting in today - I'll share with you along the way. I would love it if you decide to share with me too. 

More from me soon! Wishing you a wonderful afternoon!