TIME FOR PRIZES - Giving Back to Those that Support
This Patreon page has been open for almost a year and it's dawned on me, that I've done two things very wrong, and this is the beginning of us rectifying  those wrongs.

I have four great patrons, and whilst one reason for this Patreon Page is to support me in becoming a full time youtuber, the other part was to build a community and give back.

So, welcome to the first competition on this Patreon Page, the first give away of sorts.

All you need to do is be a Patreon and respond to this post and tell me if your interested in this months prize. If you are not interested, then the winner will get a different prize of what I consider comparable value.

This month and for the next couple of months before next season of the Premier League starts is this. 


Until August 12, we will be giving lucky Patreon's access to me, through direct message on Patreon to help build and shape their FPL teams for the 2017/18 Premier League season. And the only entry requirements are, be a patron and reply to this message saying you want the prize.

I'll announce the winners each month on the 1st, so the last winner on the 1st August will at least have 12 days to pick my brain.

Also, one extra winner will be announce on the 28th May, meaning a total of  4 lucky winners will have access to me for FPL questions at all times before the season starts. And right now I only have four patrons.

If response is good, maybe some extra winners will be announced as well.

So get to responding.