Time for a Reset
Hi All,

I'm taking a couple of weeks to reset the comic schedule and get some new working habits underway.

The first thing is I'm working a new system that will let me post twice a week - (hopefully). I'm going to posting on Sunday's in colour and on Wednesday's I'll be posting a newspaper type gag strip in black and white. 

But what that means is that I have to have Sunday's comic ready to go by Saturday - which hasn't been working very well for me in the past, so I'm swtiching up my way of working. I'm going to be hand drawing the comics then fiddling with them dgitially.

Second I'm starting up the project I was disussing at the new year.  I told my good friend Kari (who is a writer) about it and she wants to contribute.  This could turn into a big ongoing project, which could be a lot of fun.  So brace yourselves - something is coming!

I'm thanking you in advance for your patience during this reset, and I'm hoping that in two weeks everything will be set up and ready to roll.  Meantime I'll be posting some weird drawings and stuff on Patreon for patrons, because you're my besties!