Time for an update
Well probably better to apologise as I’m terribly behind schedule. The new zine is mostly printed, I’ve a pack of goodies to mail out to each and everyone of you for being so patient with me. It will go out next week as this week I’ve got the lost trades fair in kyneton which hopefully will earn me enough money to pay the bills and afford the postage! <br><br>I’ve been printing like a demon. Finally set up the drawing board and I’m cutting Lino again. Tonight I’ll print some more cards (I printed a thousand yesterday of various designs.

I’ve had a number of issues which I won’t bore you with over the last few months mostly relating to poverty (not the sort which money can buy but the proper sort that strings you out and causes massive dietary issues)...

Things are finally abating I hope. I’ve built the walls on the studio, I’ve cleaned all the steel out of the back yard. I’ve sorted the presses and I’m back to drawing and printing ( as well as the child minding which I never stopped doing but somehow ended up doing a whole lot more than I’m meant to; it has only just stopped now and that’s since October last year)!