Time for a wife raid! Go get em boys!
(The objective of this post is to encourage good men to be more assertive in chasing women who meet their ideal.)

Modern man is often far too civilized, too tamed and too ashamed to assertively and aggressively go after what he wants in life. Any time a man shows the slightest masculine energy he's attacked with cackles of “toxic masculinity”. 

Too many men labour under deeply ingrained false notions of gender equality, other people's expectations of niceness or misinterpretations of the NAP. Having lost all capacity to be truly dangerous they meekly accept whatever role the more dominant men in society foist upon them. Some men will even completely give up, voluntarily dropping out of the gene pool to retreat, going their own way so to speak. But it needn't be so.

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” ― H.L. Mencken

Tough love for men

Stop being a mental and emotional cuck. Become stronger. It's high time to gird your loins, hoist the black flag, prime your guns and start taking what you want from life. Discover approximately what you want and carve it out from the rawness of your environment.

If women are not finding you, then it's time that you found them. It's time to upgrade your romantic search by going on a Wife Raid!

Going on a Wife Raid

A wife raid is a masculine tactical operation to seize the means of reproduction, literally. We are going to find out where the good women are, go there and get one. If we are sufficiently assertive, choose our spouse persona correctly and hunt in the right location we will have success. If not, adjust and try again in another location with other women.

4 steps to a successful wife raid:

1) Choose your ideal spouse persona.

This is the most vital step in finding the women that you want. There is no sense in boldly going after your dreams if you don't know what they are. Without a detailed and realistic Spouse Persona to anchor you into reality you are likely to go get yourself a dangerous toxic women. Make sure you know exactly what you want. Don't settle for anything less.

Self awareness and self knowledge fundamentally must include knowing what you want and need in a romantic relationship. 

Note: The key to reducing your anxiety and hesitation to execute the rest of this plan with gusto is to make sure your Spouse Persona is as homogeneous to you as possible. You want a woman who is a feminine mirror of you in as many ways as possible. 

2) Join up with at least one other man to form a raiding party.

Frankly there are men who can raid alone however most of us will greatly benefit from a friend in our corner to help us avoid choosing poorly. Happily married men are often excellent companions on a wife raid as you will not be competing against them. In fact, they will generally want you to become as happily married as they are. Also, at some point they convinced a woman to marry them so it's very possible they know something about women.

3) Figure out where the women are.

Research, ask questions, do recon, get trusted friends and family involved in searching for you. You need to know where the hunting is good. Pick the best locations first. This is going to be dependant on your spouse persona and physical location on planet earth.

4) Conduct your raid with boldness and precision.

  • Stop being afraid of rejection. Find a woman that matches your Spouse Persona and propose marriage and as many children as she can handle. Don't hesitate to make your move. Don't take no for an answer.

I'm going to lay a major truth bomb on you. Hold onto your seat because this is a red pill that might be hard for both men and women to swallow.

Most women* deeply desire to be dominated by an assertive and masculine man. It's a bonus if he's also a good and virtuous man.

(*I'm speaking only of well adjusted women. Unfortunately we have around us a lot of traumatized, broken women who are too afraid to surrender to even the best of men. This assertive approach will repel such women and save you the living hell of accidentally marrying one of them.)

Women's desire to be dominated is a fundamental and very logical need rooted in our biology. Women seek in men what they themselves do not have. Women by nature seek to please, to adapt and to be submissive (but only to a dominant man). 

  • They know that at some point they are going to be pregnant and very vulnerable. 
  • They know that their children will be small and helpless for years. 
  • They know that an assertive man will likely have assertive sons who can care for her in the future.

They therefore need a man who is assertive (or even out right aggressive) enough to dominate nature and outgroup men so as to provide her and her children with the best possible life.

All your efforts to raise your SMV are designed to complement and accuentate your masculine assertiveness, to make you mentally tougher.

(SMV = Sexual Market Value)

Improving your SMV without increasing your assertiveness is ineffective as a strategy to seek a mate.

To be clear. The purpose of SMV is not to attract a woman, it's to help you develop the confidence to approach and “capture” a woman who will be yours forever. 

Emotional fragility

For men who are struggling to move forward in their romantic goals, unless you have some major SMV issues it's probably your psychology that's holding you back. A lack of controlled assertiveness, mental fragility or a misunderstanding of masculine dominance and feminine submission may very well be leading you to take too soft of an approach to finding a wife. 

Good women are repelled by soft men and attracted to dominant men. If she senses core weakness in your personality it doesn't matter how physically fit you are, how much you earn or what kind of lifestyle you can provide her. She's not going to want to engage with you unless she can see herself completely surrendering to you.

For a woman to submit to your will she needs to trust you completely. But, trust you to do what exactly? Well, at minimum she's going to expect you to initiate every stage of the relationship. To be a leader to her. To protect her and make her feel safe. Again, this is something that requires your masculine assertiveness.

In addition you will have to crush all her shit tests so clearly that she has no reason to keep on testing you. Notice that I didn't say “pass” the tests. Actually this subject deserves a whole post on its own.

Become the rock she needs and wants

In the past I've written about how voluntary suffering can make you more mentally tough. It's a great idea to read that again. Also, do your own research. Find ways that will work for you to make yourself mentally stronger and more dominant. 

For many men getting better in this area requires positive peer pressure from other men. Being engaged in grand projects with others also increases opportunities for developing assertiveness. 

Get your Testosterone and other hormones checked. Low T can greatly impair your masculine energy. 

Eliminate any causes for hesitation, especially in the creation of your spouse persona.

Finally. You have to just do. Nothing creates success like action. Go after what you want, balls to the wall and don't stop until you have it. Anything else is surender.

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