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The time has come for MODERN CONVERSATION.
The first video from  OUT is out. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) And it's special.

It's the song with Brian Viglione playing the dumpster. You see that in the video. (He's not wearing much.) And a MeMe-Choir. And a dog. And a lot more.

And the inspiration for the song I credit to Tyler. He told me, when we both were drunk, all there is to know about modern conversation: "It's all just Me-Me-Me-Next!"

This one here is a making of video, containing the one song that like on every album fell into my head on the last day of preproduction, like a summary, a period, or rather, an exclamation mark. Like FINALLY. SCIENCE FICTION. GETTIN' ANGRY. 

This time, it's about MODERN CONVERSATION. 

My comment to the political and social direction our world is walking to, blindly.

The song will be mixed and mastered in the next weeks. Patrons will get it soon. In the meantime, enjoy this one! I hope you'll have as much fun as we did.

All my love


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