I wish I could call a time-out, this spring went by way too fast. I was convinced with the end of 2016 that one of my weirdest, worst years ever was done and past, but I've spent most of this year so far still trying to catch back up after a lot of journeys and a few major personal losses along the way. Not everyone in my life made it to 2017, and I have a few more nicks, scrapes and scars and went through a lot of changes to my work and art, but 2017 is still going to be a great year because there is SO MUCH I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL.

Right now I'm nursing a mangled paw from trying to meet my goals through sleep-deprived muscle and eye coordination. You know the videos where I warn you not to cut towards yourself? I mean it. horrible picture to follow.

I'm also really bad at Patreon, and I don't just mean keeping updated, but like, all the controls and back-end stuff and account settings. For example this post was supposed to have pictures.

The big news that I need to delve into deeper is that as much as I fancied being a virtual hub for all things related to masterful terrain, I'm pretty much a 2 - 3 person show, and despite Mismuse being one of the most capable artists in this genre in the world perhaps, I still can't be a terrain celebrity for you guys just yet. 

So I'm going to change the content settings per-video or guide instead of flat monthly tiers of patrons. I still have a lot of terrain to both finish and pack and give out retroactively for you guys that have stuck with me for so long and have contributed at times when I really needed the support. So thank you, my appreciation is still incoming, in the only way I know how, which is in the form of beautiful terrain and scenery.

i have no idea what it's showing right now as far patron payment settings, I'm working on it, so even though it says some huge amount per video on my dashboard, i'll get that fixed and get nice, detailed content up for less than a cup of coffee.