Time to play!
Got my load order sorted out now.  Added SkyHUD for the first time bc I saw it on a video.  I just went with the Default, but I like it better already than vanilla.  Don't see a huge need to tweak it and I didn't like the presets I saw on Nexus.

Just past the stupid cart ride waiting for the execution scene.  Starting vanilla and doing all the core quests I always skipped or never got around to.  Really looking forward to it.  

I can hear Alduin about to attack, so it's that time!! :D

  • Alteration (eventually Energy Shield and full defensive Alt perks - wearing cloth as melee)
  • One Handed (dual wield spec - focusing on hatchets (war axes))
  • Block (parry perks - using my DW parry mod)
  • Enchanting (no decent cloth items in game enchanted, so need to disenchant items found and re-enchant cloth)
  • Speech (shout perks)
  • Restoration (secondary skill - keeping myself alive) 

I might add in Destruction at higher levels to work into Cloak spells, but not sure.  I might also add in Pickpocket just bc I've never done a pickpocket run before.

Oh, I updated the MCM options for OBIS and SIC on the description page.

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