Well, if one time-travel project goes sideways, there's always another!

I'm back to work on a mobile game I've been tinkering with for a long, long while with the help of coding genius and my good friend, Matthew Miner!

The basic premise is that you are a baby Sasquatch trying to make your way to hidden portals (without being caught by a hunter) and you must collect as many time-berries as you can so that if you DO get caught, you can rewind the level by about 5sec. to help yourself solve a puzzle or trip up the hunters and make it to your goal.

The game is set in BC and will have many local/ridiculous references. I also LOVE pixel art and am putting my heart into all the little animations for fans of 8bit game graphics and of course the pop-culture nerds.

Hoping to have a playable test of the first level sometime this fall, but as it is with hobby projects, these things take TIME.

I'll post more as things progress, but please keep sharing to help bring all of these crazy cool dream projects to life!