Time to vote on a Theme! (February Card)
As an avid gardener, one of my favorite Jewish holidays comes up in February - Tu'B'Shevat, the New Year of Trees! Post a comment to vote on which Tu'B'Shevat related theme is your favorite that you are most interested in seeing on a postcard:

February Card Theme Options:

1. Planting a Tree - artwork ideas around a family teaching a kid how to plant a tree, or maybe a newly planted tree and the older forest trees nearby welcoming the young tree.

2. Tree Birthday Party - artwork ideas around imagining what a tree birthday would be like, maybe a tree birthday cake, tree themed decorations, and celebrating trees?

3. Old Man and the Tree - there is an old story about two children who come upon a very old man planting a carob tree - they ask him something to the effect of "do you really expect to be around when it finally fruits?" and he answers something to the effect of "As my ancesters planted for me, so too do I plant for future generations."

Vote by December 15th for your vote to count. Thanks! :-)