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Time Travel

This cartoon will be appearing on The Nib tomorrow (am I becoming a regular there?). But their version won't have the kicker panel, so that's a bonus for you folks! Plus, you get to see it a day early.

My friend Rachel has been after me for ages to do a cartoon where the year 2000, pro-Nader Barry would be confronted by a Barry from the future. So this one's for Rachel. :-)

This is one of my few cartoons that comes from a place of "this is funny," rather than a place of "I'm angry about this issue!" But there is a real underlying issue here, which is how Republicans have gotten so much worse in my lifetime. Reagan seemed so awful, and the first Bush seemed similarly awful. But then Bush Jr seemed unimaginably bad - until Trump came along and showed us all how much worse it'll be. The kicker panel is my attempt to think of where this trend might be heading.

The art for this was interesting to draw - first of all, because it felt so odd to be drawing myself over and over and over again. And also, as a character design challenge - I had to do three (four, counting the kicker panel) designs, all of which are easily distinguishable from each other for readers, but all of whom nonetheless could be the same person. 

My appearance isn't 100% accurate, because I prioritized character design over accuracy. In particular, I don't think I really looked like that in 2000; that's more what I looked like in 1990. But from a character design standpoint, using that look was irresistible to me.

Thank you, thank you all so much for supporting these comics. It's so exciting to me to live in an age where it's possible for artists to be supported directly by an audience, evading the gatekeepers and the tastemakers entirely.  I'm very grateful to you all.

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