Time travel stories make you smarter. They really do. They bend the mind, wake it up. They get you thinking in — and through — riddles. Time travel was (is? will be? might have been? might yet be?) my first love in SF — from H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight to films like 12 Monkeys. (You can read what Dragonflight meant to me here: http://stantlitore.com/2013/11/09/in-memory-of-pern-a-tribute-to-anne-mccaffrey/ ) More recently, I loved the “Blink” and “Pandorica Opens” episodes of Doctor Who and the film The Edge of Tomorrow, that absolutely brilliant mashup of Groundhog Day and military scifi that almost nobody watched when it came out and everyone probably should have. I loved it. I loved its humor, its grittiness, its thematic sweep, the strong female character who wasn’t just a stock “strong female character” love interest but was actually smarter and tougher than the film’s lead. Most of all, I loved the time travel and the way the film juggled paradoxes so happily and cleverly. As a history buff, my love for time travel comes as no surprise, but really I love imagining leaps into the future, not just the past. What could be learned from our descendants? Our children are often smarter than we, though unlikely to forgive us for our many, many faults. This year, I look forward to digging into the Vandermeers’ Time Traveler’s Almanac, which is likely to feature much of the best work that has ever been done in this odd little genre. Today, I'm thrilled to be included in a Time Travel Storybundle -- a package of novels, stories, and anthologies on time travel, and you can get them all and name your own price, whatever you think the bundle is worth (that’s how a storybundle works). My own Ansible omnibus (the complete first season of the Ansible Stories) is included, as well as other gripping tales by noted authors. Dear patrons, will you help me spread the word about the bundle? It’s one big, glorious tangle of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. (And for Whovians, one of the other authors featured in the bundle is a past Doctor Who and Torchwood writer.) http://storybundle.com/scifi Stant Litore P.S. What was your first encounter with time travel?