Time Travel is Queer ♥ Envi Plays Life is Strange (ep. 1)

After getting through Twitch’s unmute requests (9 months) and then audio/video syncing issues in Premiere, this video is finally a reality. This episode doesn’t have much gameplay footage because there’s so much exposition, but there will be more in upcoming episodes I promise :) 

Life is Strange is a choose-your-own adventure game featuring Max, a high school budding photographer who has just moved back to the tiny town of Arcadia Bay. A midday daydream kicks off a tumultuous day as the town’s secrets start to unravel before her. After witnessing a traumatizing event, Max finds that she can time travel. In this first episode of the five part series, she’s trying to keep herself afloat while exploring her new powers as well as a rekindled relationship with her childhood best friend, Chloe.

This game has rich story and superb voice work. The world of Life is Strange is beautiful and fantasical but, at the same time, relatable. It’s great to play a game centered around so many multi-faceted and different female characters. It embraces queerness and teenage foolishness but doesn’t shy away from other issues like bullying, violence, and sexual assault.

Gamers who like dimensional, non-sexualized portrayals of women and narrative games where your choices have impacts on the world and people around you, this is a game you can’t pass up! Because of the language and subject matter of the game, I wouldn’t recommend this to children younger than 14.

Total playtime: 2 hours (this episode); 14 hours (all episodes)