Time Vault
A new way to view and experience time, Time Vault has a rotating set of  rings that slide and lock into place when the screen is touched, sealing  the current time into your device's gallery.

The pulsing, mathematical nature of the clock resonates with the infinity of our universe. Time exists in a single dimension in which every moment is one-of-a-kind and everlasting, always there but only in  passing awareness. By 'locking' a unique moment in time, the interlocked graphic will be saved, representing this time and it will never be the same again.

To celebrate the vast infinity of time, you can experience this interactive clock and save these moments right away. 
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One of my Digital Art pieces 'Timevault' is a functional android based application. A holo-graphic Time piece this can save Unique Graphic time stamps in your personal Timevault gallery on your smart device! This app is available in Google Playstore for €9,99, but will be exclusive and free to download for you once you are a supporting member in this Elite tier!
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