♈ timelapse - painting aries

adding a humble one minute timelapse video today, mainly showing how i mix opaque and translucent paint for this illustration. i sketched this out in pencil and used a ballpoint pen over that. my favourites are those cheap bic biros, they have a nice 'roll' to them and are versatile in that they can do both delicate lines for crosshatching and shading as well as bolder ones. they are a bit unpredictably leaky as well which i like, it makes working with them organic just like watercolour which has a bit of a life of it's own if you allow it. the beauty of the medium :) it's been ages actually since i did a drawing that was just ballpoint, kinda feeling inspired to do that now i talk about it ;)

if you have any q's about art technique, you can ask here or on youtube and i'll try to either respond right away or incorporate the answer in a future post! (( though i'm doing a lot of different projects at the moment so if you are looking for proper in-depth tutorials i'd like to recommend my friend lena danya who is a great art teacher :) find her here on patreon. ))

i hope to make beefier and more awesome time lapse videos in future ofcourse, let's see where this journey goes  and thankyou for taking it with me ♥

as for mister number one fire sign, he turned out like this (though the paper bent as i was taking the photo, his planet of mars is in fact round and not weirdly elliptical in the original illustration, oops. reminder to use a scanner and not rely on cell phone camera ;) ). 

i look forward to starting the next illustration in this series, which is taurus, my own sign ♉

that's all i had for today, thankyou so much for reading and remember i love hearing from you and appreciate you being here ♥ my gratitude is to the stars and back friends.