Timelapse Scultping of the Dwarf Bardzerker

Ok, so its not pretty or elegant, but I recorded about 90% of the sculpting process for the Dwarf "bardzerker".  The whole thing is condensed from around 2.5 hours to 11.5 minutes or thereabouts. 

The beginning part that is missing is basically me taking a zsphere mannequin (essentially a pre-proportioned and posable dolly) and then posing it, creating an adaptive skin (making it into a usable mesh).  Once I'd got the adaptive skin, I dynamesh the whole thing (I do that a lot!) and then sculpt in all of the rough muscle forms for the body,  I think that's pretty much where the video starts off. 

There's some cool music on the track too which is a bit of atmospheric Celtic/Nordic music from a talented musician named Adrian von Ziegler (used with permission of course!).  its the kind of thing I'd typically have playing in the background whilst I sculpt.  Check out his work here:


and also here on Pateron - https://www.patreon.com/AdrianvonZiegler

As you watch this, if there are any questions you have, please comment here and I'll address them all.  If necessary, I will look to do more in depth tutorials to help further explain certain techniques, design choices etc, so please engage and interact with me to help me make this page of the most use to you all.

Thanks and enjoy!