Timelapse (x30) March 26 Stream
Productive weekend was productive!

Timelapse (x30) of last night's stream. You can view the stream at its original speed on Twitch at http://twitch.tv/ballaquia  under highlights!

I switched back to Photoshop for the background because I haven't completely broken into Clip Studio Paint yet to take on full BGs comfortably. Fortunately, the stream didn't lag Photoshop this time, so maybe some updates fixed the issue over the last few months, or my problem was fixed when I sent in my laptop for repairs a couple months back.

I completely restarted the BG since the last stream and I spent this stream cleaning up the rough base painting and fixing perspectives. I was going to keep the perspective pretty loose at first to save me time, but that plan completely got trashed once I began tackling the pipes (you can even see me delete a curved pipe after 7:00 ish when I realized I misjudged the spacing and perspective in the rough), so I'll have to go back and fix the combini area on the lower left again later...hahaaaa....

Photo reference used of Kabukichyō, Shinjuku: http://c8.alamy.com/comp/E0BK74/night-view-of-kabukicho-street-the-red-light-district-in-shinjuku-E0BK74.jpg

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