I am still tweaking the timeline a bit, but there were questions on how long this project may take. 

1. The website is done now! In fact there are two free eBooks that can be downloaded from the site now:  helpforfundraising.com

2. The book is in editing mode - and will go to an editor in December, regardless of campaign status. I am shopping editors as we speak. I have interviewed two of them.

3. January 2018 - second draft of book, line edit and publish.

4. February 2018 - audiobook recorded, edited and published to Audible and Amazon. I have been through this process -- and it the clearest for me to see easily.

As far as the podcast, I am researching what's most helpful. I am looking for what's missing in the current fundraising podcasting world. I am aiming for the first podcast in mid-December.