Timeline for Global Crypto-Currency Acceptance, Digitizing Commodities & Mini Ice Age Crop Losses
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This documentary covers the method to internationalize ALL property, commodities, labor and assets onto their ACC Blockchain & Token, controlled by the Bank of International Settlements through China’s quantum network. China was given the task of making the SDR a reality, so control of the facilities and network build out go to the creator. USA developed .com for the internet, China developed Quantum Network and ACChain for digitization of all global assets.

Moving forward as crop yields decrease with the intensification of the new Grand Solar Minimum, purchase, and delivery of bulk ag commodities will take place through the blockchain in smart contracts in a series of moves Digitized the asset, then do an ICO thereby allowing others to own a portion of the asset.

6:15 ACC Logo symbology comparison to the 1988 Economist cover
7:32 Smart contracts
10:43 ACC Chain in depth explanation of digitizing assets (NPC) Node Primary Coin, ACC tokens
14:50 NPC Valuation
18:50 ACC tokens China Government and IMF
22:29 SRT Real Estate Token offering
26:59 Corn Coin, Digitizing corn reserves
28:21 Due Diligence on ACC
29:45 Quantum Communications
33:11 Tencent and centralized system of Chinese citizens Payment systems and social media
35:30 AllCoin Canada listing ACC Aug 2017

36:50 What is a grand Solar Minimum
38:58 Grand Solar Minimum Forecast
42:58 Signs of an intensifying grand solar minimum
45:00 Cycles of time and planetary geometry matching past grand solar minimums
49:05 Inter-tropical convergence zone shift and global cloud patterns shift due to grand solar minimum
51:50 Cosmic rays causing more clouds
54:19 Electrical effects on other planets causing climate change
56:43 Fifty year weather cycle repeats in 2017-2018
57:28 Crop losses globally 2017
58:58 Volcanic eruptions during grand solar minimums
1:02 Time line for crypto currency adoption and grand solar minimum time line in lock step
1:08 Digitizing the worlds grain harvests by transport quantity

Part 3
1:10 Getting the global population to accept digital currency
1:12 Creating the impression of safety and regulation
1:14 Micro crypto funds
1:16 LIBOR $350 Trillion movement to crypto market
1:18 Second amplification of global weather 2019

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